The Best Summer 2020 Beach Vibes Playlist

You're not going to find the top 100 in this summer playlist. 

If you're an old surfer soul with fantastic taste and a tendency to shake your hips just a little, this playlist for you. Whether your making your way through Cape traffic on a Friday afternoon (hopefully, not this year - silver lining of the pandemic?) or want Monday morning to feel like a day at the beach, listen to this playlist for total vacation vibes. 

Add the Seaside Woman Playlist on Spotify HERE. Start listening below.

If you don't have a Spotify account listen here:

1. Seaside Woman | Linda McCartney

2. One Big Love | Patty Griffin

3. New Birth in New England | Phosphorescent

4. Pacific Ocean Blues | Dennis Wilson

5. (You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back | Peter Tosh

6. Fish and Whistle | John Prine

7. Angel | Shaggy, Rayvon

8. Bra | Cymande

9. Goodbye Summer | Shannon Shaw

10. Duduke | Simi

11. Conga | Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine

12. Birds Don't Sing | TV Girl

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